Solving The Puzzle

When we first started out, we had no idea what our company even was.  We just knew that we loved rummaging through piles of scrap metal and finding interesting chunks of steel to create whatever came to mind.  The scrap was just like a puzzle fresh out of the box, all chaotic and disorganized, and just like a puzzle if you spent enough time looking you would eventually figure out where each piece was meant to go.  Granted our puzzle didn't even have a picture to reference, there was still an underlying direction and purpose waiting to be discovered for each individual piece of reclaimed steel.

Over time we slowly gained exposure, participated in a few art showings, and eventually made our first sale.  Then we sold another, and then another, and before we knew it we had clients searching us out to custom design art for both private and commercial spaces .  Our company suddenly had a purpose, albeit a small one, but we were beyond stoked to just have the interest, let alone sales, that we felt validated our efforts and vision.

As we grew, our artwork continued to transform itself.  We moved away from making simple and eye catching pieces to incorporating true functionality within our designs.  Scrap steel stopped becoming such a vital medium as we started designing with more analytical thought and purpose, and that purpose was to create better looking spaces through customization and personal interaction that no big box store could ever dream of providing.  Our puzzles finally started having a picture to reference and we were finally putting them together in a way that we knew exactly what the final picture was going to be.

Today we are leaps and bounds from where we began.  We have a successful product line with installations across the country, a healthy portfolio of custom designed solutions for all types of clientele, and have experienced a full re-branding of our image to better match what we are really about.  It's fun to look back and see where we came from and the path we followed, but really what excites us is discovering where the path ahead is going to take us.