Paint Your landscape

Our Garden Lanterns create the perfect blend of art and function. In the daylight they are a bold sculptural focal point, meshing perfectly into any rustic, traditional, or contemporary outdoor living space. At night they transform, evolving into a display of light and shadow, turning the surrounding landscape into a beautifully painted canvas.  

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100% American Made

Made 100% in America, using only the highest quality and domestically sourced materials. We assemble each lantern by hand in our cozy Lincoln, Nebraska studio, meticulously verifying a high standard of quality exists on each piece before it ships to it's new home.  

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coast to coast

From California to North Carolina, we've painted countless landscapes across the country.  Our Garden Lanterns add a dynamic and artistic element that will make your landscape stand out no matter where you call home.  

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custom tailored just for you

Love our lanterns, but need something specific?  Perfect!  We can easily custom design your lanterns to be any size, pattern, and finish, including modifications to the lighting system for both private and commercial projects.  Whether it's a simple address or complete redesign, we've got you covered!  Contact us for details and get your project started.