About us

Design, turned on
Owned and operated out of Lincoln, NE by Rob Norris and Ross Young, RMI Studios is a luxury design firm providing top quality products and one of a kind solutions for private and commercial properties. Through our work with landscape and interior design professionals, architects, restaurateurs, and lighting specialists nationally, our American-Made artistic pieces enhance the beauty of the spaces in which they exist.  Every day we challenge ourselves to provide the highest quality service and products, and as such we take pride in being 100% designed and produced in the United States of America.
Our History
Before we became RMI Studios we were just having fun searching out and piecing together scraps of metal like a puzzle.  Sometimes we made art, a lot of the time we just made more scrap, but we learned we truly had a passion to create and thus RMI Studios was born.  As our exposure from the occasional art showing grew, we started earning opportunities with commercial clients, getting the chance to design things such as artistic sound barriers, custom light sconces, and massive 15 foot tall cactus sculptures which greet restaurant patrons across the country.  We applied what we knew was valuable from our customized solutions and developed an ever-growing line of products perfectly designed to mix art with function.  Today we are proud to offer our 100% American innovated and fabricated products, and show you design turned on.